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The Achievery SM FAQs

Created by AT&T in collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery, The Achievery helps connect students to a new world of digital learning through stories that spark curiosity and learning content that entertains as well as teaches. The platform features clips from some of the most popular, well-loved movies, TV shows and cartoons from Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network, paired with lessons and learning activities that students can engage with everywhere they are – at home, in the community and in the classroom.
Users can expect to find exclusive educational content and resources to support social emotional learning and critical thinking skills. Learning tools from leading education groups are also available to help students and families navigate distance learning and improve academic success.
The Achievery is a free platform available to educators, parents, and caregivers, seeking supplemental solutions to support their child’s distance learning.
Students that are 13 or older can create a student account. For students 12 and younger, you’ll need a parent to create an account. Once your parent or guardian creates an account, they can add a profile for you to navigate The Achievery.
The Achievery has been built to adhere to Children’s Online Privacy Protection rules as enforced by the Federal Trade Commission.
The platform provides education content to engage and inspire K-12 learners.
High quality educational tools available on The Achievery can help students stay engaged and more importantly, excited about learning. Even though many students will return to in-person learning this year, our reliance on technology to access knowledge and opportunity has only increased. The Achievery provides students with additional access to online learning opportunities at home and anywhere they learn.
The Achievery is currently intended for educators, parents and caregiviers to use to support students in grades K-12. Here you’ll find video clips that are paired with lesson plans and video clips that are paired with learning activities.
Lesson plans are paired with content from Warner Bros. Discovery partners and designed to be used with a learning facilitator. More information and instructions for each lesson are included within each lesson plan, so be sure to download those first.
Learning activities have been created by our educational non-profit partners and are intended for a student to use them independently or with the guidance of a parent, caregiver or educator. These activities are paired with short videos and also include instructions for use on each learning unit page.
For the instructor guided lesson, each learning unit consists of up to three separate, but stackable lessons and corresponding exercises aligned to academic standards and grade levels.

Lessons are designed to be supplementary resources for educators as modular or whole learning experience to be completed between 10 minutes up to entire classroom period depending on the depth of lesson delivery.

For the student self-led lesson, these are structured following the similar style of the instructor guided lessons, however they do vary between an instructional video (up to 5 minutes) where students engage directly with activities or video accompanied with student activity worksheet. Allocated time is based on individual student learning needs.
The standards and competencies that comprised the foundation for all lessons on The Achievery are derived from Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The identifiers can be located within the headers of the learning unit page and the pdf lessons. This approach was taken in an effort to be as accessible and inclusive to the community of educators across the nation. Recognizing that there are variations of standards based on location, we recommend cross referencing the standard codes and descriptors that can be found here to align with your lesson goals.
All titles and clips that appear on The Achievery have undergone a rigorous review process with subject-matter experts, nonprofit partners, and ASCD. To ensure age and grade appropriateness of the content, The Achievery has strictly followed the industry recommended parental guidelines for film and television.

• Grades 3 and Up: TV-Y, TV-Y7, TV-G, TV-PG, G Films, and PG Films
• Grades 9 and Up: TV-14, PG-13 Films
The Teacher Training and Cohort Community Program will include trainings on using the digital learning platform and resources in their lessons and classrooms. In addition, the program will create a cohort community where trained teachers can share feedback, experiences, and best practices.
Each learning unit on The Achievery is aligned to a specific Common Core or CASEL (Social Emotional Learning) standard.
We are just getting started! New content, lesson plans and learning activities will be added as they become available.
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