The Achievery

About Us

A FREE online platform created by AT&T in collaboration with Warner Bros. to help connect K-12 students to a new world of digital learning through stories that spark curiosity and content that entertains and teaches. Designed by education experts, The Achievery SM offers 7 subject-categories and over 500 videos, including clips from some of the most popular movies and shows, all paired with learning activities that can be accessed from everywhere they are - at home, in the classroom, and in their communities.

Whether you are an educator looking for innovative ways to teach and plan your lessons, a parent or caregiver interested in finding additional resources for your children, or a motivated student in search of new challenges and opportunities to improve, you can find the best experience for you.

Some examples for teachers to use in a distance learning setting or in the classroom include:

  • Aquaman movie clips to with lesson plans to teach responsible decision-making

  • The LEGO Batman movie clips with lesson plans to discuss digital identities

  • Young Sheldon movie clips with lesson plans to write and solve linear equations

Some examples for parents, caregivers, and students to use at home or in their communities:

  • Developing an original idea for a videogame with voice Urban Arts

  • Learning about safe and healthy relationships with Media Smarts

  • Finding and pursuing interests with Roadtrip Nation

And we are just getting started. The Achievery is constantly adding new videos and learning activities to provide users with the resources they need to keep achieving!