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The Achievery

Created by AT&T in collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery, The Achievery helps connect students to a new world of digital learning through stories that spark curiosity and learning content that entertains as well as teaches. The platform features clips from some of the most popular, well-loved movies, TV shows and cartoons from Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network, paired with lessons and learning activities that students can engage with everywhere they are – at home, in the community and in the classroom.

Some examples for teachers to use in a distance learning setting or in the classroom include:

  • WonderWoman movie clips paired with lessons teaching reading and writing skills
  • Aquaman movie clips paired with lessons teaching responsible decision-making
  • Craig of the Creek cartoon clips paired with lessons teaching social awareness and language skills

The Achievery also provides parents and students with high quality learning activities for use at home developed by leading education nonprofit organizations. Examples include:

  • Learning the elements of a story from Young Storytellers
  • Go on a poetry scavenger hunt with Amanda Gorman and 826 National
  • Learn how to use block coding to create a jumping game from Scratch

And we-re just getting started. The Achievery will continue to add more engaging content, lesson plans and learning activities – and will soon be available via mobile and smart TV apps.

Through high-quality, exciting learning content, lesson plans and activities, we’re aiming to make distance learning more engaging and effective for students, and encourage more families to get connected as we work to bridge the digital divide and narrow the homework gap. The digital divide is the gap between those who have access to the internet and online resources and those who don't.

Bridging the Digital Divide

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